Fallout 4 special edition bundle with working Pip-Boy is already sold out

Fallout 4

Update: In a move we all saw coming, the pre-orders for the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition of the game is already sold out everywhere.

At $120 (£99, about AU$155), we're hoping Bethesda will restock the little working wearable soon since demand is so obviously high.

Original article below ...

Bethesda has officially shown off the coolest thing at E3 2015 so far: a Pip-Boy that works with your Android and iOS phone.

The collector's edition of the Fallout 4 game releases November 10 this year and will come with your very own wearable Pip-Boy.

After plopping it on your wrist, the screen will show you various game features and function as a second screen experience.

"As far as stupid gimmicks go, I chose the best f***ing one," said Bethesda's Todd Howard on stage at E3.

Gimmick or not, the Pip-Boy from Bethesda sure got everyone excited. After all, who wouldn't want a real life, working device from a beloved game?

It looks like a relatively easy attachment for your mobile device to slot in but it's unclear if you need it to work. The stage demo shows a large touchscreen that seems as if it can pop open for the phone (with the phone being the touchscreen) but further details weren't discussed.

A special app was made to work with the Pip-Boy but you don't need the giant wearable to use it. The app will also be out when the game releases in the fall.

Though there's no pricing yet, we're sure there will be swarms of people lining up to get the special edition.