Could this be the next Call of Duty?

Could this be the new CoD?

It's almost time for another round of runnin' and gunnin' as the Call of Duty series preps for its annual entry.

However, CoD Christmas might have come early this year as a listing on the PlayStation Network has possibly revealed the game's title ahead of its official announcement.

A screenshot taken on the US version of the PS4's digital store briefly showed "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" before it was taken down by Sony.

(Credit: IGN)

(Credit: IGN)

While Infinite Warfare could be a spinoff title rather than a full-fledged entry - or a red herring altogether - there are signs that Call of Duty: 2016 Edition is nigh.

For one, video game reviewer/pundit Jim Sterling uncovered a retailer's notice today informing vendors a new Call of Duty will be revealed next Tuesday.

IGN also points out that it's been exactly one year since we first saw gameplay of last year's Black Ops III.

The "Infinite Warfare" tagline also falls in line with the series' trend of distancing itself further away from its WWII roots - a trend started in 2007 with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and taken to pure sci-fi levels with Black Ops II and Advanced Warfare.

All the same, set your tactical insertion point back here next week to see if Activision sheds more light on the future for the series. As for us, we're hoping the title refers to BioShock Infinite, resulting in a severely implausible crossover with Ken Levine's 20th-century-era time travel shooter.

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