Wii 2 to use brain control or motion-cap bodysuit?

Mario Kart
Are we likely to be doing this simply by thinking about it soon?

We've heard much speculation about the next iteration of Nintendo's mega-selling Wii console, but little about what it could turn out to be.

And this week we had the Japanese firm's Satoru Iwata admitting that Wii 2 research was underway, saying, "The hardware team started work on the next thing as soon as they were done with their previous project, but what they think up doesn't necessarily become a product."

Wiimote begone

Still, that hasn't prevented the fans going wild trying to guess what crazy new innovations Satoru could already be looking at behind closed doors.

Among the most ridiculous are the notions that the Wii 2 could ditch the Wiimote in favour of a bodysuit that captures every twitching toenail and wavering eyeball and the possibility of a mind-reading controller that takes its instructions from brainwaves.

Sensible shoes

Far more likely are analyst suggestions that the new Wii will be launched in about three years' time and that it will cost £125 or so and come with a more powerful graphics processor to put it on an approximate par with the Xbox 360.

Of course, by 2011 we'll all by driving hovercars and spending far too much time on Facebook to worry about the joys of casual gaming.

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