Sony reveals more secrets of the PS4 controller

Sony reveals more PS4 controller secrets

With the way things are going, we wouldn't be too surprised if Sony announced that the PS4 controller is the console.

Still, while we're waiting for the reveal of what the actual box will look like (and as Sony tries to attract attention away from news of the new Xbox reveal on May 21) a new video has surfaced that showcases a few more features of the PS4's controller.

So what's new? Well there's a bit more to be said about the light bar found on the top of the controller, which is promising to offer some nifty features that will put an end to those 'chair swapping' issues during multiplayer.

"If the system sees that for some reason we've swapped places or I've passed the controller to someone, it can automatically adjust the ordering of the split-screen so it makes sense to everyone," Sony's senior software engineer Anton Mikhailov explains.

Sony's taking control

And there's more - though not so new - talk about the touchpad, and a little more about the integrated speaker.

"Everything's been tuned -- the feel of the analog sticks, the sensitivity of both different types of triggers," Playstation product development SVP, Scott Rohde, pitches in.

Meanwhile, the PS4's lead architect has promised that the console will launch with the strongest line-up of titles in PlayStation history. There's not long until we find out - the PS4 is set to launch at the end of this year.

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