Sony PS4 pre-orders sold out, day one delivery no longer guaranteed

Sony PS4 pre-orders sell out, day one delivery no longer guaranteed
PS4 pre-order stock in short supply

Sony and its retail partners have been busy putting up 'sold out' signs this week, indicating PS4 pre-order supplies allocated to UK gamers have been extinguished.

The manufacturer's UK site states the next-gen console has already sold out, while Amazon UK is also bereft of pre-order stock and will no longer guarantee delivery for launch day for those who still buying.

Instead, Amazon says it will ship orders "as soon as we receive sufficient inventory," while Asda has also adopted a similar stance, refusing to guarantee day one delivery for orders placed after August 5.

Toys R Us on the other hand has completely sold out of its lot and requests customers "register to receive an email when available." Thanks for nothing, Geoffrey and helpers.

Holiday schmoliday...

Of course, nobody quite knows when 'day one' is yet. Sony has only confirmed the console will be available in time for 'Holiday 2013,' which basically means 'sometime before Christmas.'

Toys R Us had reckons its arriving on December 13, where has previous reports have suggested a November timeframe is more likely.

Sony may choose its appearance at Gamescom in Cologne later this month to end the release date mystery once and for all.

As of right now though, if you haven't acted already, it may be the new year by the time you get your hands on the PS4.

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