Sony PS3 PlayStation Eye gets UK release date

With the recent price cuts and now the launch of the PlayStation Eye, is the PS3 about to take the market by storm?

The Sony PlayStation Eye will be going on sale in the UK on 7 November. The motion-sensitive camera peripheral is the PS3 version of the EyeToy which launched for the PS2 in 2003.

Using the PlayStation Eye, PS3 owners will be able to interact physically with the console in the same sort of way that Nintendo Wii gamers use their Wii Remotes.

It will cost you around £25 and will come bundled with some video software called EyeCreate which enables you to personalise and play around with your own video footage. There will initially be a launch game called Eye of Judgement, but as time goes by more games will be released to make use of the PlayStation Eye's technology.

PlayStation Eye: out 7 November

Back in August, Sony's game director Kazhito Miyaki said that the PlayStation Eye has more motion-sensing potential than the Nintendo Wii remote.

"All of the different Eye Toy games that we've made so far and the wide range [of gameplay] that we have delivered shows that the camera isn't the key device, it's what we do with it that's important," he said.

"In Eye of Judgement it's all about summoning the creatures. With other games it'll be about creating a whole different dynamic so, in a way, you could say there is much more potential and ability in our technology."

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