Sony's new 1TB PS4 isn't slimmer, but it is lighter


Update: Sony has now confirmed that the PS4 Ultimate Player Edition will be coming to the UK on July 15th priced at £349.99, but unfortunately it's not going to include the refreshed hardware Japanese consumers have on offer right now.

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Microsoft was first, announcing a 1TB Xbox One just before E3, and now Sony is following in its footsteps. The company just confirmed a 1TB PlayStation 4 will launch in Europe on July 15.

Sony made the reveal of the 'Ultimate Player Edition' console on its European blog, while an earlier FCC leak effectively announced the existence of 1TB versions of the console.

Sadly that lightweight, cooler and quieter machine of the FCC leak isn't going to be the one we get as the 'Ultimate Player Edition' console. Sony has confirmed to Techradar that "the 1TB is the same as the original hardware but with a larger HDD."

In Japan though the new console, the CUH-1200 revision as opposed to the current CUH-1100 version, has just gone on sale with reports coming in that it houses a fairly hefty refresh of the PS4's internal components.

A recent tear-down, translated from Pocket News, has the new console rocking higher density GDDR5 memory, more refined Blu-ray components, a smaller power supply unit and potentially a native SATA connection for the increased storage.

This new PS4 console is 10% lighter (if you really care) and uses 8% less energy. It also comes with a new matte look, and will be available in both black and white.

The lightweight/low-power stuff might not be that important to you, but it does all mean the new PS4 doesn't generate as much heat and stays quieter during operation.

There's no word of a wider release however, but we expect the new PS4 will be hitting all territories at some point.

At the same time, Sony announced a 500GB version of the new matte console will also be launching in Japan later this month before rolling out around the world.

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