How FIFA 14 for Xbox One and PS4 is embracing next-gen graphics

"The movement of players has changed quite a bit," said Jaramillo. "The pace is different because players move more athletically, less video game-y."

FIFA 14 physics on Xbox One and PS4

Lets gets physics-cal

Footballers feel as if they have more weight because they're unable to simply snap into a pivot in the opposite direction while running at full speed. They need to slow down and transition first.

It's almost like last year's unpredictable First Touch Control that made receiving the ball feel less magnetized to the foot, only these more realistic physics are focused on players and make every step count.

The next next-generation season

As the first FIFA for this year's next-generation console platforms, FIFA 14 is focusing on amping up the "Living Worlds" sensation you see in football broadcasts.

It's a great way to show off the boosted specs of Xbox One and PS4, and after that first-year foundation is set, new features should further improve the game in the inevitable FIFA 15.

"This year is a console transition year," said Jaramillo when we asked about a more robust, score-tallying offline multiplayer mode like the sorely-missed Lounge.

"There's a lot of development time that gets spent just making the game work. Maybe next year we can assess how much value there is in improving that offline multiplayer."

FIFA in-air gameplay

Players move more realistically

FIFA 14 trade-up deal

FIFA diehards who couldn't wait for the next-generation versions are in luck: select stores are allowing last-generation buyers to upgrade to the newer FIFA 14 for a small fee.

This "trade up" program is being offered by stores like Game in the UK. FIFA 14 on Xbox 360 will net a £40 trade-in credit toward the Xbox One version for "as little as £10."

A similar deal - $10 for a trade up - applies at multiple stores within the US, including Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and the official Microsoft Store.

That trade up fee isn't a whole lot, considering the Xbox 360/PS3 and Xbox One/PS4 versions of FIFA 14 aren't at "level pegging" when it comes to next-generation graphics.

Matt Swider