BBC considers Generation Game and Mastermind iPhone apps

iPhone apps could provide some much-needed gold coins for the BBC
iPhone apps could provide some much-needed gold coins for the BBC

BBC Worldwide is looking to bring classic game-show Bruce Forsyth's The Generation Game to smartphones.

A whole generation of forty-somethings will fondly remember Brucey calling out the line-up of the final prize swag on the show's conveyor belt: "Dinner service... Cuddly toy! Cuddly toy!"

It was a show that defined Saturday night television throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Mastermind and more

The Beeb is now looking to develop a number of iPhone games based on its most famous entertainment shows, including The Generation Game and Mastermind. The corporation recently announced its new news, sports and iPlayer apps for iPhone and a number of other smartphone platforms.

BBC Worldwide has already developed paid-for iPhone apps for the Radio Times and petrolhead show Top Gear.

Simon Dinker, BBC Worldwide's director of content partnerships, told "We're looking at taking our entertainment brands and developing games around them.

"We've done this a bit before but it's not been as rich because we've not had things like the iPhone before. We're trying to take all these assets and see what we can do with them across all platforms and, in fact, just recruited someone to head up our new gaming business, Robert Nashak."

And talking about a possible iPhone game based on The Generation Game he added: "It could work well as a memory game, particularly the conveyor belt! We're also talking about taking on quiz shows. However, these are still aspirations and we have things like rights still to consider."

"Nice to see you..."

Via The Guardian

Adam Hartley