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AMD launches new PC hardware gaming labels

AMD in new PC gaming hardware push
AMD in new PC gaming hardware push

AMD has announced a new initiative to increase sales of gaming PCs, introducing a new game labelling system to better inform PC users and consumers about what games will run on their system.

AMD Game and AMD Game Ultra logos will appear on relevant AMD-based gaming-ready desktops and laptops.

Tailored for ‘Joe Six-Pack’

AMD Game logo will be slapped on PCs that feature an Athlon X2 5600+ processor, 2GB of memory, Radeon HD 3650 graphics, and an AMD 770 or Nvidia nForce 500 series chipset or better.

For the real hardcore, the AMD Game Ultra logo will be on systems that boast a minimum of a Phenom X4 9650, 2GB of memory, a Radeon HD 3870, and an AMD 770 chipset.

AMD’s Director of Marketing for Platform Technologies, Godfrey Cheng outlines the thinking behind the labelling initiative, noting: “We want to be sure that when ‘Joe Six-Pack’ walks into Wal-Mart and picks up a copy of Deer Hunter Tournament, it’ll play on his PC.”

Check out the AMD Game! initiative website for more.