10 games from E3 that will make you want a PS4 AND an Xbox One

No Man's Sky
How many people does it take to build an infinite universe? Just four, apparently

Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and EA have all taken to the E3 2014 showfloor, which means that, with just Nintendo left to fire, we're over the biggest hump of the LA gaming convention.

The battle between Xbox One and PS4 was always set to be fierce and both Sony and Microsoft have come out guns blazing, but whichever of the two titans comes out on top at the end of the day, the gamers are the real winners.

This year's lineup has been strong, but there's a good chance that many of you are still holding back on making that leap into the promised land of 'next-gen'. We've rounded up 10 games from this year's E3 that should finally persuade you to make the upgrade.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4)

The Uncharted series has become one of the biggest reasons to buy a PlayStation - the lure of Nate and Naughty Dog has created one perfect game (Uncharted 2) and two effortlessly playable ones. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End's teaser was a lot darker in tone, acting more like a showcase of the PS4's graphical talents than a glimpse into what we can expect, but it was still packed with gorgeous graphics.

Question marks remain over the franchise due to the loss of its head writer Amy Hennig but with the team behind The Last Of Us at the helm, it's still in great hands.

When to expect it? end of 2015

Destiny (PS4, Xbox One)

There's always a bit of oneupmanship with E3 and this time it was Sony getting one over Microsoft with Destiny - a game Activision Blizzard has confirmed will come out on the PS4 before Xbox One.

The alpha version of Destiny will be available to PS4 owners as soon a 12 June, while Xbox One users will have to wait until 17 July for the beta version.

Destiny has so far cost $500 million to develop and is a first-person shooter set in a sci-fi open world that is said to be 'alive' by its makers - in that events will happen that haven't been planned by the developers. And that doesn't include the inevitable crashing of servers when Destiny finally goes live.

When to expect it? September 2014

LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4)

LBP was a breath of fresh air when it was released for the PS3 way back in 2008. Since then it has spawned an excellent sequel, a brilliant PS Vita port and a Mario Kart rip-off.

The third installment looks to be more of the same, offering up new characters to help in SackBoy's adventures - each with their own special moves to help you get through the thousands of user-generated levels. SackBoy may look worn out, but the PS4 is set to breathe new life into the cute and ever-customisable character.

When to expect it? November 2014

Grim Fandango (PS4, PS Vita)

LucasArts may have bit the dust but its legacy remains thanks to news that Grim Fandango is coming in remastered form to the PS4 and PS Vita, courtesy of original game project leader Tim Schafer.

His studio Double Fine Productions is adding spit and polish to one of the strangest and most iconic games of all time. In short: if you haven't yet got a PS Vita, this is the game that will change your mind.

When to expect it? TBC - Schafer is unfortunately being the ultimate tease

No Man's Sky (PS4)

Hello Games' sci-fi title looks stupidly ambitious, which is why we can barely believe that most of the development was done by a team of just four people. No Man's Sky offers a procedurally-generated 'infinite' universe packed with a vast variety of planets and wildlife, and you can jump from one world to the other, via spacecraft, with no loading times.

Every player will start on a different planet, from which they'll begin their journey of exploration through some gorgeous-looking environs. Think Proteus but with guns and dinosaurs. And spaceships. Awesome, awesome spaceships.

When to expect it? TBC

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