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Future Xiaomi phones could have Pixel-busting camera quality

Xiaomi's efforts to keep rising up the global smartphone charts have been increasing of late - and this memo from its CEO suggests it's aware of a key flaw in its phone design.

It looks like founder and CEO Lei Jun wants Xiaomi to create a dedicated camera department within its smartphone division, helping it to compete better with the best on the market.

In recent months, Google, Samsung, Apple and Huawei have all leapt forward, in terms of taking incredible pictures with little effort from the user, and it appears Xiaomi is aware that it's a little behind in this area.

Indeed, our Mi Mix 2 review showed the phone has a lot of technological prowess, but an average camera at best:

"The Mi Mix 2 doesn't have the photography talents to compete with the best mobile snappers in the business, but in the right conditions it can take lovely snaps."

A tough task

While the memo sent out is in Chinese and we're unable to verify its contents (or if it truly came from Lei Jun) it apparently speaks of accumulating more technology to help the power of the camera within its phones.

The reason this has more than a grain of truth is that Xiaomi clearly has designs on becoming one of the leaders in the global smartphone market, and to do so means having truly world-class technology inside its devices.

Whether it's possible to catch up with the best in the market right now - Huawei has had to put incredible resource into getting its camera division up to the level of its rivals, for instance - remains to be seen, but more competition in this area is always welcomed.

From MyDrivers via PhoneArena