Interview: Sir James Dyson

Dyson - we need to focus on making things
Dyson - we need to focus on making things

Sir James Dyson is a man with a plan for UK technology, and it involves education and innovation.

The industrial designer has produced innovative designs that have swept the globe - including his famed bagless vacuum cleaner and the bladeless fan.

But, in an interview with TechRadar as part of Brit Week, Dyson has admitted that the UK is in dire need of change if it can continue to be a leader in the world of technology.

Risk averse

Dyson believes that, for a start we need to be less risk averse and more capable of taking quick decisions.

"We must take more risks," he explains. "When it comes to technology we should be bold in ambition and clear in terms of opportunity - thinking twenty years ahead.

"The pace of change is faster than ever but the potential is enormous. We have missed out on engineering high speed trains which will travel on British tracks and have not yet decided what direction we go in with renewable energy.

"We're behind, and we need quick and bold decisions to give us a competitive edge.Dyson engineers are perfecting technology that won't see the light of day for ten years; it may never see the light of day.

"There is not one 'spark' for invention - ideas need to be developed to be turned into commercial successes. And we have to start now."

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Service industry fears

Dyson is concerned, like many people interviewed as part of Brit Week, that Britain's focus on the service industries could prove dangerous.

"Focusing on services alone is a threat to the economy," he explains.

"Recent GDP figures show that 76% of our economy is based on the service industry. If we don't turn ideas into exportable goods, we will lose our competitive edge.

"And without people to come up with these ideas, we will not improve the shape of the economy. Young people should be encouraged."

Dyson's novel designs have become big favourites

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