Forget 108MP camera, Samsung tipped to launch a 200MP sensor this year

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
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It is no secret that Samsung apart from making smartphones supplies camera sensors to other smartphones makers. It’s the 108-megapixel sensor is already powering multiple devices including the recently introduced mid-ranger Xiaomi Mi 10i

Aside there have been talks and leaks around the massive 600-megapixel sensor that the company has been working. However, that is not all. The South-Korean company is said to introduce multiple new imaging sensors to the market including a 200-megapixel sensor. According to a prominent tipster, IceUniverse, these new ISOCELL sensors will be launched in 2021.

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It is not the first time that Samsung is in the news for such massive sensors. The South-Korean company, that is getting ready for its first flagship launch of the year, has been rumoured to be working on a 150-megapixel, a 250-megapixel sensor and a massive 600-megapixel smartphone camera sensor that could even sharper than the human eye. 

But challenges aplenty 

A bigger sensor will collect far more data than a regular sensor and a higher resolution image lets you retain a lot of information even when you crop or zoom into an image. It also results in much better results during low light or night photography.

But does that mean that a bigger sensor or higher resolution would result in a great photograph? No always. A lot depends on the software that processes all the information that the sensor throws in.  Smartphones from both Apple and Google are known for some amazing cameras present on their smartphones and none of these is as massive as the other Android devices that we have seen off late.

Additionally, these bigger sensors are huge and require a lot of extra real estate on a small smartphone body. It has already been reported that the 600-megapixel sensor from Samsung is getting delayed because the company is finding it difficult to reduce the overall size of the sensor and it results in a huge camera bump.

Hence, while Samsung works out on the technicalities of these sensors, we have a bigger question to answer - Do we really need massive sensors on a smartphone?

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