Firefox 70 gets a fresh new look and improved dark mode – try it now

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Firefox 69 has only just landed, but you can already get a sneak peek of Firefox 70 and its new features by downloading the newly released beta. Bear in mind that this isn't a stable version, so may still have a few bugs and some elements may change before the final release.

One of the most striking differences between Firefox 69 and Firefox 70 is the improved dark mode. Now, when your operating system is set to dark mode, all of Firefox's internal pages will reflect that fact, including preferences and privacy settings.

This is also the first time we've seen the new, simplified Firefox logo on our desktops. The new branding replaces the iconic fox and globe with a stylized orange and purple swirl. Confused? Mozilla has created a video explaining how the new design came to be:

Firefox 70 isn't just a pretty face though – it also includes some small but handy tweaks such as the ability to jump to a specific menu option by typing the first few letters when the menu is open. So opening the main menu and typing 'LI' would move the focus to 'Library', for example.

There might be other changes when Firefox 70 is released on 22 October, so we'll keep you updated when we hear more.

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