Fallout VR is still happening

With its last DLC drop now out in the wild, and a PS4 Pro patch set to land imminently, you'd be forgiven for thinking that's the last we'd see of Fallout 4's wasteland. But that may not be the case, according to Bethesda Game Director Todd Howard.

Remember the E3 tease that was Fallout VR? That's still in the works, says Howard.

"We're trying the VR thing now. We'll see where it heads," he told gaming site Glixel.

Wasteland wandering

It sounds like an ambitious undertaking, too. Though only a small section was demoed at E3, the plan remains to port Fallout 4 in its entirety to VR platforms.

"That's the promise of VR, being in a big virtual world," continued Howard.

"The core experience, meaning you put on the headset and you're standing in the world of Fallout and can go where you want, just that little bit is every bit as cool as you hope it would be. Once we did that, we were like, "OK, we gotta see where this goes."

Both Fallout and Skyrim have been huge sellers for Bethesda, but the limited install base of VR (and lower resultant game sales) hasn't put Howard and co off the idea of Fallout VR.

"We're not so worried about how many we're going to sell or what the market is," said Howard.

"That will all sort itself out. We have an opportunity to make something really unique. We'd rather do that than make some other tiny experience. I don't think that's what people want from us."

The Fallout VR demo focussed around the game's Red Rocket truck stop, and used a room-scale HTC Vive experience as its starting point, complete with teleporting travel. We'll keep you posted on any news of a full release, and any other platforms the game may (or may not) eventually hit.

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