Facebook now lets you create and share GIFs using its camera app


Back in 2006 Facebook arrived with its simple interface and unique features, quickly gaining millions of users. Within a few years it had displaced the existing social networking websites to become the preeminent platform.

Although the platform has seen masses of changes and upgrades that have arguably detracted from its simplicity, it has successfully gained the kind of user addiction it aimed for. 

To add another element to make the users feel new, Facebook has added a new camera feature in its mobile app. With the new update, users can add GIFs to their status or stories. Till now, the users were only able to upload photos or videos on it.

To create a GIF using the new feature, the user has to first swipe the Facebook camera interface from left to right. The GIF maker allows users to shoot a two second video, convert it into a GIF and post it on their stories and status. They can also save the GIFs on their smartphones and can share the same with friends through chat. It also offers plenty of filters to choose from. In addition to creating GIFs, users can now live stream directly from the Facebook camera app.

The new update is available to selected users now and the company may soon launch for iOS and Android users across the globe.

Facebook is at top of its game to de catch up with rival social platforms which offer similar features. Talking about the story feature, it was first developed by Snapchat which inspired Instagram to come up with similar concept followed by Facebook and WhatsApp. 

This opened up a lot of options for the users to share parts of their everyday story on their social media handles, but on the other hand it has somewhere confined the usage of apps to one or two. One can love using a feature on two platforms but not on all. That’s what happened with the Facebook’s story feature. It does not got that impressive response from the users which the company has expected.

In the latest update, the company enabled the public viewing option for stories hoping to attract more users. And, with this feature it is again hoping to revive the same and compete with other social media platforms.