Energizer to enter India with 8 new phones this May

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Energizer is planning to bring their phones to India by May 2018 including the ‘Hardcase’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Power Max’ series. The entire launch will include around eight to ten phones spaced out to launch every two to three months. 

Energizer’s Manish Prasad, the Executive Sales Director for Asia has emphasized (opens in new tab) that there’s an elaborate strategy that is being put in place so that the company can bring its portfolio into the Indian smartphone market, which is currently the world’s second largest market (opens in new tab) for smartphones. 

The ‘Hardcase’ collection of phones are known for being rugged (opens in new tab) and durable. They’re going to be first in the line up, to be launched by Energizer. They include features such as being shockproof and waterproof. The H590S (opens in new tab), the latest addition to this series, was announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) (opens in new tab). It comes equipped with full HD+ resolution and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection. It packs 6GB RAM and 128GB storage that's powered by a MediaTek Helio P23 chipset. 

Once this phase is completed, Energizer will launch the ‘Energy’ series, that include both smartphones as well as feature phones. These phones are IP68/67 compliant, water and dust resistant.

The feature phones, in particular, will able to connect to 2G as well as 4G networks. Prasad says the reason for launching 2G phones is that, despite the 4G revolution that has taken hold of the country, a large market for these phones still exists.

After a gap of three months, Energizer has plans for dispatching the ‘Power Max’ series that will be priced between Rs 15,000 - Rs 20,000. Despite the excitement over the Power Max P16K Pro (opens in new tab) at the MWC this year, Prasad has said the flagship won’t be coming to India. Although, it will be launched in Europe by September for 499 Euros (Rs 40,000). India will be privy to the Power Max P550S with mid-range specifications as well as its successor, the Power Max P490S equipped with entry level specifications.

India already has a highly competitive smartphone market, so it will be interesting to see how Energizer’s plans play out. Could they shake up the market or be another brand that will eventually have to take a back seat?

Prabhjote Gill is the Senior Journalist at Business Insider India. She covering everything space, tech and defence at Business Insider India. She is also in-charge of allocating stories to junior writers.