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DJI Mavic Air leak points to an even smaller foldable 4K drone

DJI, maker of some of the most popular and impressive consumer drones on the market, including the DJI Mavic Pro, will launch a new drone at an event on Tuesday, January 23. 

But, in advance of the official announcement, details and image have leaked. DroneDJ says it received the leaks from a tipster and has shared the details. DroneDJ has been the source of earlier leaks related to the drone, and was the first to report its likely name.

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Credit: DroneDJ

Credit: DroneDJ (Image credit: DroneDJ)

The leaks show a new drone, called the DJI Mavic Air, that has its rotors on foldable arms, like those of the DJI Mavic Pro, making it extra portable. 

Its styling is somewhere between the DJI Spark and the Mavic Pro, with a slim, mostly rectangular chassis, a camera mounted in front, and four arms for the rotors at each corner. 

The DJI Mavic Air price is also believed to be somewhere between the DJI Mavic Pro's $999 (about £725 / AU$1,250) and DJI Spark's standard $499 (about £360 / AU$625) price tag.

Credit: DroneDJ

Credit: DroneDJ (Image credit: DroneDJ)

Included in the leaks were some details about the DJI Mavic Air's features and capabilities. Its battery may deliver a lengthy 21-minute fly time, while sensors on the drone help it avoid in-flight mishaps. 

A 32-megapixel camera capable of 4K video is also believed to be on the drone with a gimbal mount. Similar to the DJI Spark, the DJI Mavic Air may also have gesture controls for use without a phone or controller.

With the official event only a day away, all the details for the DJI Mavic Air will be confirmed soon.

Via Mashable