Destiny 2 gets crossplay in 2021 - PS5 and Xbox Series X included

Destiny 2
(Image credit: Bungie)

Guardians at the ready: Destiny 2 is getting cross platform play. Following hot on the heels of today's free PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrade to the looter shooter, developer Bungie has announced its future plans for the game.

Top of the list of new features headed to Destiny 2 in 2021 will be crossplay, letting PC, Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox gamers across console generations play together, no matter their platform allegiance.

Your Destiny account will be the glue that ties the whole thing togethr – link your character to Bungie's online service, log in on whatever machine you want to play on, and you'll be able to play against players on any hardware. No more forcing your friends to all get the same console version to form a fireteam.

Cheating issues

Crossplay will mean Bungie has some bugs to iron out ahead of 2021 however.

For starters, how will it ensure those playing with a keyboard and mouse and those playing with a gamepad will have a fair shot at each other, especially in competitive multiplayer? A keyboard and mouse is often regarded as the superior control method for sharpshooters, but isn't readily available to console players.

Perhaps more importantly. Bungie still hasn't managed to put in place an effective anti-cheating system for PC players. IT'd be a shame for console players to have to put up with the bad eggs found in some corners of the PC player base.

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