Death Stranding developer teases new game announcement

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The next game from Death Stranding creators Kojima Productions could be announced soon. That’s according to studio art director Yoji Shinkawa – so you can trust that he might know a thing or two.

Shinkawa shared the news in an interview with AI Hub, saying, “Well yeah, I am doing something, for sure, and I could tell you probably that we can announce it quite soon.” His announcement tease comes only a few months after Kojima Productions went on a hiring spree to help staff its next game project.

Death Stranding was a game that earned mixed reactions upon release. We loved it, giving it five stars in our review, but other sites weren't as kind. Regardless, Hideo Kojima's next project is sure to generate a lot of excitement, especially if it's the horror title he's been teasing for some time.

What could Kojima Productions’ next game be? 

There are two leading theories as to what Kojima Productions has been working on after Death Stranding. Back in November 2019 – the same month that Death Stranding released – Hideo Kojima teased that he was watching several horror movies in preparation for a future project. Later, he told BAFTA that he wants to make a horror game that uses “a revolutionary method to create terror,” adding, “I already have ideas in mind.”

However, it is possible that his horror project isn't on the way, as Kojima told Japanese site Livedoor in May 2020 that he had recently had a major project cancelled. In the same interview, though, he said a separate project was in its early stages. That project is believed to be related to Death Stranding – either DLC or a sequel.

It’s a bit of a cop-out as guesses go, but we aren’t just firing off shots in the dark. Tweets from Hideo Kojima posted in June last year included references to Death Stranding, BB and a vehicle with the name Bridges on it – a company in the Death Stranding game world.

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Throw in the fact that Norman Reedus claimed he was in talks to work on another Death Stranding-related Kojima project, and a sequel seems more than likely – or at least, a DLC. Whatever it is, we hopefully won’t have to wait too much longer to find out what Kojima Productions' next game turns out to be. 

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