Samsung's new Android app lets you code on the go with Micro Bit

Samsung Micro Bit app

Samsung has pushed out an official Android app for the BBC Micro Bit, the broadcasting firm's tiny Raspberry Pi-style computer.

The firm designed the app to allow school kids to code on the move, wherever they happen to be, with their Micro Bit. Samsung plans to demonstrate the app at MWC 2016, but it's already live to download on the Play Store.

Youngsters will also be able to use Samsung's app to pull off tricks with their Android device. For example, you can map the capability to launch the phone's (or tablet's) camera to a button on the Micro Bit, enabling the tiny computer to be used as a remote control for selfies.

micro bit app

Or you can set the Micro Bit up to notify you of calls and texts on your phone, or indeed create games on your handset or tablet and then "flash" them over wirelessly to the BBC's mini computer.

The app also links through to the official Micro Bit site, where you can explore ideas for coding projects from other users.

Creative coding

"We want children to be able to program the BBC Micro Bit from any device they want, wherever they want, whenever a moment of inspiration hits them," BBC Learning head Sinead Rocks commented.

It'll still be a little while before Micro Bits are actually delivered to pupils, but teachers are getting the devices now, with more and more expected to be delivered as February progresses.

There is still no firm date for when schoolchildren in Year 7 will actually receive their units – the Beeb is planning to give away a million of the devices, with delivery having been delayed due to issues with the power supply.

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