MSI's most micro gaming system

MSI GS63 Ghost Pro

There aren't many devices capable of running and displaying the latest triple A games titles on your lap, but MSI's lightweight GS series have always managed to straddle both an entry level price and slimline design to make genuinely portable gaming laptops. But MSI may have outdone itself with it's latest GS range which picked up a couple of Golden Choice awards at Computex by delivering the world's lightest gaming laptop at just 1.9kg.

MSI still have the exact GPU specs of the GS63 under wraps as it'll be one of NVIDIA's Next Generation GeForce mobile graphics units, but the GS models were previously ranged with GTX 970M GPU's, which allowed for a decent level of gaming and we're expecting the new models to perform even better.

4K gaming on the go

The drawcard of the this laptop's big brother: the 17-inch Stealth Pro, is a 3840 by 2160 pixel IPS display, but interestingly the GS63's 15.6-inch panel will also come in a 4K display variation as well, at least in the higher specced skew.

One of the points MSI was most eager to get across at computex was it's new Cooler Boost Trinity technology that is able to offer around a 20% reduction in Chassis temperature, noise and chip temperature over earlier models. 5 heat pipes and 3 fans partition the GPU and CPU heatsinks and dissipate the heat form each independently for greater efficiency.

Sounds Good

MSIs partnership with Nahimic returns again to the GS range giving you advanced 3D audio that will be optimised for spatial sound giving you virtual 7.1 surround sound through your existing speakers and creating the impression of a 360º soundscape.

The GS63 won't get specific release dates until NVIDIA have announced its latest range of mobile GPU's though they are expected to be available this year, potentially even as early as the end of August.

Joel Burgess
Staff Writer

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