Don't sound the death knell for PC sales just yet, says Dixons

Don't sound the death nell for PC sales just yet, says Dixons
Computing win for Dixons

Remember we told you that PC sales were suffering more than Lindsay Lohan's film career? Well, electronics retailer Dixons says things are a little more optimistic, at least in Britain.

Responding to a question from TechRadar, Dixons' head of corporate social media Mark Webb tweeted that the retailer had seen "unit growth in this area" as well as market share gains.

He had previously suggested that the PC sales story doing the rounds was "Interesting, but not our experience"

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Dixons Retail, formerly DSG, owns both Currys and PC World. As one of the most familiar computer retailers in the UK, Dixons' experience is interesting to hold up to the reports - which are global figures from IDC and Gartner.

Both reports suggested that PC manufacturers had suffered another torrid period of sales, with Windows 8, tablets and the decline of the netbook all mentioned.

The UK is a mature PC market and, despite the growth of 'post PC' devices like tablets, reports of the traditional computer's death may have been grossly exaggerated.