Microsoft could kill Bing and sell Xbox if Elop gets CEO job

Microsoft could kill Bing and sell Xbox if Stephen Elop gets the job
It's all about getting Office on phones

The search for a new Microsoft CEO continues, and one name rumoured to be on the shortlist right now is Nokia's former head Stephen Elop.

We're now hearing that Elop has big plans to pitch during the interview process, the primary one being to get Microsoft focused on getting its Office software on a number of smartphones and tablets, including Apple's and Google's.

According to a Bloomberg report, Elop wants to get rid of any other distractions from this, and part of the plan would be to consider killing of the Bing search engine.

This talk is said to have come from people "with knowledge of his thinking."

Elopping off Xbox

Another item on Elop's alleged hitlist is the healthy Xbox division - his plan is to sell it off in order to keep Microsoft focused on the bigger goals.

Given Microsoft's continual move to unify its various sections, it seems unlikely that it would drop Xbox - especially with the launch of the Xbox One.

What's more, Microsoft is pushing Bing harder than ever in an attempt to integrate it across all of its experiences.

Also rumoured to be on the list of possible candidates are former Skype CEO Tony Bates, Ford CEO Alan Mulally and the executive vice president of Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise group Satya Nadella.

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