June 7th: Today's 10 hottest articles

Don't know what high-def telly to buy? Have a look at our top ten guide.

Today's most popular news stories, opinion and features according to our readers:

1. Sony and HP ditch Intel's Turbo Memory
Doninating the news agenda today, HP and Sony have revealed that Intel 's Turbo Memory will not appear in their notebooks. Both companies have rejected the flash memory technology due to concerns over its compatibility with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system.

2. Microsoft plots downfall of Nintendo Wii
Microsoft mogul Bill Gates has laid down his vision for the future of the Xbox 360 and its successors. Instead of using an interface like the Nintendo Wii does - i.e. a motion sensitive controller - gamers will be able to interact with consoles using real world objects.

3. Apple iPhone browser close-up
Apple insists that its iPhone won't be delivering a "watered down" version of the internet but a full internet experience. Anyone keen to see just what the Apple iPhone browser can do should take a look at Apple's new TV ad.

4. Intel and Nvidia: grand graphics alliance?
After ATi jumped into bed with AMD, could Intel and Nvidia be preparing to unveil a grand PC graphics technology alliance? That's the latest rumour following the release of further details of Intel's in-house graphics project, known only as 'Larrabee'.

5. Top 10 high definition TVs
The 10 highest rated HD LCD TVs and plasmas in the tech.co.uk reviews section.

6. Is AMD's crucial quad-core CPU delayed?
Tech.co.uk's spies on the show floor at Computex in Taiwan suggest AMD may have sent its quad-core architecture back to the fab for a minor design revision or respin. Is it true? And what impact will it have?

7. 5 deadliest mobile viruses revealed
Since 2003, over 7.3 million smartphones have been sold in the UK, and worldwide some 126 million Symbian smartphones are in circulation. There are now believed to be over 300 smartphone viruses in the wild. Are you infected?

8. How to research a high-def PC
Buying a high-definition television can be a confusing business. Where do you start? What on earth is an HDMI port and why is the store clerk telling you that you need two? Find some answers here.

9. 10 PS3 tricks Sony doesn't tell you
A wildly popular article since the launch of the PlayStation 3 back in March, this collection of tips shows you how to get the most out of Sony's console. Maybe we should do another one...

10. Exclusive Porsche mobile phone details
Eye-catching technology includes a fingerprint reader to identify the user for security reasons.