Is the MacBook Pro headphone jack next on Apple's chopping block?

MacBook Garageband
MacBook Garageband

Is no headphone jack safe? Not if it's on the side of an Apple product, it seems. Apple now seems to be raising its axe above the MacBook Pro headphone jack.

Apple has been sharing a survey with MacBook users according to MacRumors, with one question asking "Do you ever use the headphone port on your MacBook Pro with Retina Display?"

Having already pulled the plug on the 3.5mm port on the iPhone 7, it now seems Apple is considering doing the same on the MacBook, getting a feel for how many people would be offended by its removal.

Will there be any ports left?

Elsewhere, Apple is also asking its users how often they use the SD card slot, and the precise ways in which they upload images from a camera to the Mac. Battery life satisfaction also came up.

We're well overdue a MacBook update (and a Mac Pro desktop revision too, which hasn't been touched by Apple in more than 1,000 days), though with an expected October release on the cards, it's unlikely that any findings from this survey will affect the next immediate generation of machines.

It's worth noting too that Apple is only asking users of the premium Retina Pro line on their thoughts - though any potential change is likely to trickle down across the range.

But the headphone jack removal may be even more keenly felt on the MacBook than even the iPhone. As a portable music making machine with only rudimentary speakers, it'll be missed by anyone looking to hook up monitor speakers to blast out their Garageband tunes.

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