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NY Times and EA offer customised apps for iPad

The NY Times on the iPad
The NY Times on the iPad

The NY Times and EA are among the headline partners offering tailored applications for the new iPad.

The NY Times' application offers daily content formatted for the device, with contextual menus to help users navigate through the articles and re-size the text.

The application also allows users to view video from within the news stories, making it more a rich and interactive experience.

EA will also be offering Need for Speed Shift as a native application for the new device, with Travis Boatman from EA stating that using the iPad is "like holding an HD screen up to your face".

Brush on, brush off

Another cool application is Brushes, which is a higher-end paint application for the iPad, which allows users to create new designs with a variety of brushes, swathes and tools, with up to 32x magnification.

Users can also use a eyedropper tool to add new colour to their virtual sketch, and also get some in-app playback on the paintings as they're being created.

Jobs hinted that the EA and NY Times applications will take a little longer to appear, but it was confirmed the Brushes application will be available at launch.

Apple is pretty excited about a new platform for developers, stating it will likely be a 'gold rush', which is probably because the new offering will enable to curry another revenue stream in alongside its iPhone offering.

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