New Air style for MacBook Pros now in production?

New Air style for MacBook Pros now in production?
Air today, gone tomorrow

An overhauled MacBook Pro is said to be in production bringing the thin MacBook Air aesthetic to the higher-spec machines.

That means we could be in for a svelte new look to the Pro line up, but what's missing, say the rumours, is a 17-inch model.

Digitimes, that bastion of all that sounds plausible in future tech production, says that 13- and 15-inch models are in production with the initial run apparently to deliver 100,000 to 150,000 units per month.


There isn't much to report on the specs front, although it's safe to assume there'll be no optical drive. Speculation also speaks of better performance and storage, although the details are woefully woolly.

It's not the first we've heard of the two laptop ranges overlapping – last year's watercooler chat predicted the arrival of a 15-inch MacBook Air in early 2012 which is yet to materialise.

And the Air design making its way to the Pro line-up is nothing new either – the first rumours surfaced in mid-2011, predicting a 17-inch model that now appears to have been sidelined.

No word on when we'll see an official announcement of the new range of MacBook Pros but if they are in production then it won't be too far in the future.

From Digitimes via Electronista

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