Mix and scratch MP3s on your iPhone

Amidio releases new MP3 mixing app for Apple iPhone for budding superstar DJs everywhere!

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a superstar DJ (and hey - who doesnt these days!?) then a new iPhone app that lets you mix MP3 or M4A files is sure to rock your world.

Amidio's £11.99 app basically turns your iPhone into a virtual turntable.

The developer is claiming that it is the first true MP3 iPhone and iPod touch app available.

Not content with just mixing two tunes together, users (i-Js?) can also scratch, loop and mess around with equalisation, effects and pitch.

Doesn't work with iPod

Pretty cool, although there is one significant downside to the app as it stands – users have to reupload any MP3s or M4As that they wish to mix with into the application itself. That's right – you cannot just choose any of your tunes from your iPod library.

Now if only the devs can add that functionality with the next update to iPhone Touch DJ, they may well be onto a winner…

Check out the video demonstration right here:

ViaCreate Digital Music