It's clash of the technology titans in tech. issue 18

tech. issue 18 out now
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The latest issue of tech. – the essential iPad-only magazine from the makers of TechRadar – is out now, bringing everything you need to know about the world of technology, without once having to load up a browser.

Issue 18 is a special one as it feature the greatest bits of technology around today – the gear that is pushing innovation and points to the way technology will look in the future. From Tesla cars to Titan computers, the issue is packed with mind-blowing gadgetry.

And while we are on a future focus, tech. investigates the swarm of drones which took over the skies of London this week and sees whether virtual reality device Oculus Rift is the next must-have gaming peripheral.

Turning the air Blue

As always the issue is packed with the most up to date news, features and reviews from the world of technology. There's a look at the leaked version of Windows Blue, everything you need to know about this year's Games Developer Conference and tech.'s opinion on Apple's latest design tweaks to its Podcasts app.

There are also interactive reviews of Samsung's latest and greatest TV, Toshiba's new tablet and a preview of the Canon 700D.

And if that wasn't enough, there's your usual batch of things to do and plenty of must-watch videos.

Download the tech. magazine today from Apple Newsstand and get the first five issues absolutely free. What are you waiting for?

Marc Chacksfield

Marc Chacksfield is the Editor In Chief, at DC Thomson. He started out life as a movie writer for numerous (now defunct) magazines and soon found himself online - editing a gaggle of gadget sites, including TechRadar, Digital Camera World and Tom's Guide UK. At Shortlist you'll find him mostly writing about movies and tech, so no change there then.