iPhone 5, iTV and iPad Mini to make Apple a 'trillion dollar baby'

iPhone 5, Apple iTV and iPad Mini to make Apple a 'trillion dollar baby
Could Tim Cook soon be doing a Dr. Evil style "One trillion dollars"?

A swarm of eagerly-awaited new products could see Apple become the first ever company to boast a market value of one trillion dollars, according to one analyst.

The anticipated launch of the iPhone 5, a rumoured iPad Mini and a flatscreen


will send Apple's stock price crashing through the trillion dollar (£630 billion) barrier, says Brian White of Topeka Capital.

The Cupertino-based giant already has the distinction of becoming the richest publicly-traded company in history on Monday, surpassing Microsoft's 1999 mark, but that gravy train's set to keep on chuggin'.

Blockbuster launches

In a note to investors, White wrote: "With the help of blockbuster product launches on the horizon with the iPhone 5, iPad Mini, Apple TV and potential China Mobile relationship, we believe Apple is on a path to generate the highest annual net income of any publicly traded company ever by at least CY13."

He added: "In a note on June 18, we ... pointed out that investors should think of Apple's market cap in terms of 'trillions' and not 'billions'. Based on our calculations, Apple is now the most valuable company ever"

In 12-months time, each Apple share will be worth an estimated $1,111 (£704) according to White.


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