How to turn your iPad into a cool retro phone

The iRetroPad phone - the ultimate way to use Skype at home?
The iRetroPad phone - the ultimate way to use Skype at home?

While the US tech community seems strangely obsessed with Steampunk styling, here in the UK we prefer our retro-tech a little bit more modern.

We like the cool 1950s art-deco styling of the original Bakelite phone instead of the faux-Victorian sci-fi look, which is why this new retro handset add-on for the Apple iPad grabbed our attention this week.

iRetro styling

BoingBoing contributor Mark Frauenfelder noted how this rather fetching Moshi Moshi 01H handset from Native Union turns the iPad into a Dom Joly-style mobile phone.

However, while we would not really feel very comfortable using this retro Skype mobile on the bus, we are seriously considering investing in the handset for home use.

There is something deeply comforting about using one of these handsets for long phone conversations.

We will of course be sure to report back with a detailed hands on assessment as soon as we get the shipment in…

"Is that a retro handset in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" kidded one BoingBoing commenter. Others thought the set-up "looks like Jobs' Bat Phone" and one joker added:

"What a great idea, only if it were about 1/4 the size and had bluetooth. Now that's an untapped market..."

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Adam Hartley