Samsung's 3D-ready monitor hits the UK

Samsung 2233RZ - 3D ready
Samsung 2233RZ - 3D ready

Samsung has announced a veritable deluge of new monitors for the European market, including a range designed to work as secondary monitors for those people whose main computer is now a laptop, and a 120Hz 3D ready panel.

No less than 12 separate products were unveiled by the Korean giants, including three new monitors for the Touch of Color (ToC) 'family', the '3D ready' 22-inch 120Hz 2233RZ, two new SyncMasters designed to be secondary screens for laptops and the L-Series of projectors, as well as two outside monitors pitched at businesses.

"Samsung understands the various needs of our customers, and we will continue to deliver an amazing product lineup and innovative solutions that offer excellent quality, design and reliability," said Jaeyoung Lew, Vice President of Samsung Electronics.

"I believe that Samsung will strengthen our leadership in global market introducing attractive and user-friendly products to satisfy our customers including end-users and B2B customers," he added.

Touch of Color

First up is the arrival of three new 16:9 ToC monitors, P2070, P2270 and P2370.

The monitors have an impressive (or, as Samsung puts it 'ultra-fast') 2ms response time, with the P2270 and P2370 also offering 1080p Full HD.

The P2070 (€189), P2270 (€229) and P2370 (€249) also boast a much lower wattage compared to some of their rivals and will be available in March.

Samsung's 3D 2233Rz

The 3D-readiness of the 2233RZ will capture the headlines, with the 22-inch 120Hz monitor offering what Samsung calls a 3D experience with 'incredible picture quality'.

The monitor takes advantage of nVidia's graphics card which converts many games into stereoscopic 3D.

The Samsung 2233RZ will be available for €359 in April across Europe.

Laptop monitors

Samsung appears to have noticed that laptops are becoming desktop-replacements for many homes and has responded with a couple of monitors that are designed to compliment portable PCs.

The LD190N and LD220 are 16:9 monitors that are made to stay at a similar height to laptop screens and even allow the screen to be tilted to a similar angle.

The monitors connect via USB which means that the resolution does not need to be set through the computer's control panel.

L-Series projectors

The SP-L200, L250, L300, and L330 make up Samsung's first 3LCD L-Series of computer screen projectors.

The L-Series feature low noise, and a light output ranging from 2,000 to 3300 ANSI lumens according to which one of the range you go for.

Samsung claim that the L300 and L330 are the first in their class to have HDMI connections and adopt built in stereo speakers.

The price and release date of the products are : L200: €719 (March, 2009); L250: €759 (March, 2009); L300: €849 (Released in 2008); L330: €1,499 (April, 2009).

UK prices are not yet announced but expect them to be pretty much the same as the Euro rate.

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