ARM revenue boost: up 33 per cent

Cambridge-based ARM posts impressive financial results
Cambridge-based ARM posts impressive financial results

Cambridge-based ARM Holdings reports on a pretty successful financial year this week, with revenues up 33 per cent to £406 million during 2010.

The mobile chip specialists has also announced that it has shipped a 1.1 billion chips into mobile devices in its last three-month financial quarter recorded.

Pre-tax profits for the year in 2010 were recorded at £167.4 million, an increase of 73 per cent on 2009. A pretty impressive figure, topping off a successful year for the UK chip giant. Beat that, Harry Ramsden!

ARM-powered new handhelds

The Cambridge-based mobile chip firm revealed its latest unaudited accounts on its website this week.

ARM's mobile chips dominate the smartphone market, being used in the Apple iPhone, RIM's Blackberry, the Apple iPad and forthcoming handheld gaming consoles such as the Nintendo 3DS and Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP).

ARM announced at CES last month that the next version of Microsoft's Windows operating system would run on its mobile processors.

"As the industry chooses ARM technology in a broadening range of electronic products, it further drives our long-term royalty opportunity," said Warren East, ARM CEO. "The growth in licensing and royalty revenues, throughout 2010, has combined to deliver our highest ever annual revenues, profits and cash generation.

"2011 will bring exciting opportunities and challenges as ARM enters competitive new markets and we are well positioned to succeed with leading technology, an innovative business model and a thriving ecosystem of partners."


Adam Hartley