ViewSonic backs LED tech, shows off new monitors

ViewSonic monitors - moving to LED tech
ViewSonic monitors - moving to LED tech

ViewSonic has announced a 'strategic' move to LED technology, which will include a new flagship monitor in the Vx2450wm and a 24-inch 3D monitor.

The ViewSonic Vx2450wm offers 1080p performance, 20K:1 dynamic contract and eco-mode as well as LED technology which will begin to replace the CCFL tech.

"Up to now, ViewSonic hasn't felt ready to fully embraced LED technology in all its products," said James Coulson, European marketing manager for ViewSonic Europe, in a statement sent to TechRadar.

"We wanted to wait until we were sure that the technology was mature enough to guarantee the viewing experience wouldn't be compromised at the best price point."

"We are now able to migrate all of our monitor ranges, which includes our budget, gaming, business and professional monitors, to LED technology. This means that the benefits of LED screens are now available on each of the monitor ranges, without sacrificing price or quality."

"The main thing to recognise is that LED technology uses fifty per cent less power than other monitors. For ViewSonic, it was the logical and responsible choice to make the move to all-LED monitors, now that we can ensure that the level of quality can be maintained for the end user."

The new range also includes the 'affordable' VA1931w-LED and the VA2231w-LED designed primarily for school and business use.

And, last but not least, ViewSonic's first 3D 24-inch monitor - the V3D241WM-LED - will join the range and include a set of 3D active shutter glasses to ensure users are 3D ready from the start.

The Vx2450wm, VA1931w-LED and VA2231w-LED are available now from £123.

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