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Nvidia will unveil next-gen graphics on 26 March

Fermi - looking good
Fermi - looking good

Update: read our full Nvidia GTX 480 review.

Nvidia will unveil its GTX 400 series 'Fermi' graphics cards at PAX east 2010 on 26 March.

The excitement at Nvidia's next-generation chips is understandable, with the company finally leaping aboard the DirectX 11 train months after its rival AMD got its own next-generation cards to market.

"To clarify, launch date for GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 is 26 March, 2010," read the tweet from Nvidia's account.

The 400 series, which will comprise the GTX 470 and GTX 480 at launch, will be a major step for Nvidia as it looks to take the graphics card to the next stage.


That means the silicon has been designed from the ground-up to match the latest concepts in parallel computing. The basic features list reads: 512 CUDA Cores, Parallel DataCache, Nvidia GigaThread and EEC Support.

This brings 3 billion transistors and a card that should take GPGPU to a whole new level.