It's official: the Canon EOS R5 won't be recalled, but 'demand is exceeding supply'

Canon EOS R5
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Update 3/8/20: This story has been updated with some new official comment that we've received from Canon UK.

The Canon EOS R5 hasn't exactly had an easy ride since its launch a few weeks ago, with overheating criticism recently followed up by speculation that shipments have been delayed or that it could even be recalled. But Canon has poured cold water on these rumors with some official statements from its UK, Australia and US teams.

We asked Canon UK and Canon Australia for an official response to reports from Canon Rumors and EOSHD that it could delay the second shipment of Canon EOS R5 cameras, or even recall the mirrorless hybrid for a hardware fix, as speculated by Petapixel

Today, a Canon UK spokeperson told us: "There are currently no plans to recall the EOS R5 and we are shipping it to customers in the UK & Ireland, but unprecedented demand is exceeding supply at present and we are working to fulfill back orders as soon as we can."

This directly addresses the somewhat wild rumors of a possible recall, while echoing other official comments that we received on 31 July.

Last week, a Canon Australia spokesperson told us that it "can confirm that there have been no delays in local shipment, with the first local pre-order consumers collecting their EOS R5 units from local retailers starting from yesterday".

The spokesperson also went further, stating: "The EOS R5 has already started to ship in some countries – Australia is 100% one of them. Locally, we do have a lot of stock on back-order, however, due to the high number of pre-orders made. Any future timelines on shipping have no connection to speculation of overheating – we are simply working in the parameters of a supply chain affected by the global pandemic.”

While that doesn't specifically quell rumors that the second batch of EOS R5s could be delayed until November, it does suggest that any potential delays will be down to the knock-on effects of the pandemic.

A separate statement from Canon USA was also issued to PetaPixel  last week – it says: "Orders of the EOS R5 are scheduled to be delivered as initially stated at launch. The first set of cameras shipped from our warehouses this week. We eagerly await the content that will be produced by talented creatives using this camera to be shared with the world."

Again, this doesn't specifically address rumors that the camera's second shipment could be delayed, but it does at least suggest that early orders are being fulfilled. 

Canon EOS R5

(Image credit: Canon)

Feeling the heat

So where does this leave the Canon EOS R5? Despite the speculation, nothing much has changed. The EOS R5 is currently out of stock (or 'backordered') in Canon's US, Australia and UK stores, and there are no dates yet for when the next units will be available. 

In response to our question about possible delays or shipping dates, Canon UK said: "We are excited to get the camera into the hands of our customers as soon as possible so they can experience the stunning performance of the camera for themselves.”

Still, any speculation that the full-frame mirrorless flagship could be recalled has been put to bed. Canon issued a statement that openly clarified the heat-related limitations of the EOS R5, and its need for 'recovery times' when pushed to its limits.

Such heat-related restrictions are also nothing new for cameras, particularly full-frame models with the EOS R5's video powers, which is why external recorders like the Atomos Ninja have become a common feature of filming setups.

We're in the process of testing the Canon EOS R5, so will be able to give our verdict on its relative strengths for video and stills soon. It also seems likely, as Canon Rumors has suggested, that a firmware update addressing the camera's heat management will be en route too.

Until then, we'll make sure we bring you any more official updates from Canon on when its mirrorless flagship is likely to be shipping again or available to order.

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