BenQ E150 camera focuses on online sharing

The BenQ E150
The BenQ E150

It may not be the top providers of cameras, but BenQ does do consistency. The E150 is a 10MP shooter, with a 3in lens, 3x optical zoom and an ISO of ISO 3200.

It calls itself stylish in the press release – the E stands for Elegant and Stylish – which is debatable, but what can't be argued is the fact that you can take 16:9 high-definition images.

For the web

To make the camera more web-centric, a mode has been added to the camera, which will automatically resize movie footage (640 x 480, at 30fps) for the web.

This is something that has been added to many a video camcorder of late, but is still fairly scarce in camera circles. Footage will be limited to 10 minutes or 100MB.

Other features include autofocus assist, red-eye remover and 30-something shooting modes.

There's no price or word on availability yet, but expect it to land in the shops before Christmas.