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The US goes internet video crazy

YouTube retains online video dominance

Google’s rule over the goggle box seems to be tightening after a US study by comScore reveals over 11 billion people watched internet video in the month of March, 64 per cent more than the same month just a year ago.

YouTube dominates

Not surprisingly, YouTube was the most-watched video site accounting for a massive 98 per cent of Google video traffic. The search engine itself garnered a total of 4.3 billion video views, 38 per cent of all video traffic.

This dominance shows in the rest of the study’s figures, with second place in the rankings Fox Interactive Media notching up just 4.2 per cent of the online video market share.

Three a day

Those who ‘tuned in’ to YouTube on average watched 83 videos a month, equating to around three a day. The average total length of daily video watched was just 2.8 minutes, showing what we already knew: online video watchers prefer their visual info in bite-size chunks.