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Feature bump for Windows Live Hotmail

The Windows Live Hotmail name will be rolled out over the coming weeks - as you can see, it hasn't reached us yet

Windows Live Hotmail has been given extra features as it moves towards a full release: Microsoft has announced Milestone 10 (M10).

The latest beta is the first to bear the new official name - the distinctly old-sounding Windows Live Hotmail. There are a number of enhancements which, Microsoft says, have been implemented based on customer feedback.

Strangely, most of the 'improvements' have been made to the Classic interface - which makes it more like...old Hotmail. This, says Microsoft, is "optimised for users without broadband access."

The new (old) stuff includes improved language support, a spell checker and special interface for uploading photos. It also provides the ability to switch between the Classic and Full versions on the Today page (beneath the graph telling you how much storage space remains).

Windows Live Hotmail has been made more reliable and faster as well, Microsoft says.