Best of the weekly round-up

It's been another riveting week for consumer tech watchers

It's been another busy week in the whacky world of consumer technology. This week there was plenty going on in the games console industry... the Nintendo WIi is still dominating the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. But things are things about to change? And other news ranged from news of Blu-ray discs decaying all the way to rumours of a European iPhone delay.

Here's our round-up of the week's biggest and best stories...

Monday 18 June

7 things we'd change: Nintendo Wii
It's a great games console, but it's still not perfect...

Blu-ray gets massive Blockbuster boost
Discs available to rent in 1,700 US stores

Blu-ray discs rotting away?
Disc coating flaws on US release The Prestige

PlayStation 3 set for emergency price cut
Sony boss promises discount, praises Nintendo Wii

Tuesday 19 June

Samsung unleashes three more fashion phones
For Asia only, Samsung's latest cover all possible bases

ITV boss ready for terrestrial HDTV battle
Michael Grade forming 'war cabinet' to take on UK gov

Brits most likely to jump into online streams
Unsurprisingly, Google-owned sites are top of the tree

Joost to come embedded in set-top boxes?
Third party box-makers in talks to embed Joost in hardware

Wednesday 20 June

Sony got PlayStation 3 price 'about right'
Games guru says Sony's console is worth £400

Gateway recalls 14,000 notebook batteries
Affected models sold four years ago in the US

UK web shoppers don't trust online shops
Shoppers don't know their rights.. neither do some retailers

Apple iPhone to get Nintendo games
Entirely logical, but unconfirmed rumour

Thursday 21 June

Sony PS3 to get performance- boosting update
40% more AV power can be squeezed out the PlayStation 3

PlayStation 3 set for big sales boom
380 new games, price cuts and performance-enhancing updates

Microsoft Xbox 360 sales hit brick wall
'Range of games is too limited, PS3 will win in the end'

"Blockbuster Blu-ray move won't hurt HD DVD"
HD DVD camp says decision is like a drop in the ocean

Friday 22 June

DRM-free iTunes music a 'great success'
Older, classic albums are big sellers so far

European iPhone launch 'may be delayed'
iPhone unlikely to hit Europe this year, says analyst

All DVD copying could be banned
Amendment to copyright licence will eliminate DVD rips

Weird tech: Never mix water and gadgets?
That's not what we've heard...

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