Yurbuds sport earphones promise never to fall out

Yurbuds sport earphones promise never to fall out
They're not mine, they're yurs

Odd name aside, Yurbuds powered by JBL (to give them their full title) are a new range of sweatproof, sport earphones carrying some very bold claims at IFA 2014.

Yurbuds have been designed to never hurt or fall out of your ears, which will be music (quite literally) to the ears of any budding athletes.

The Yurbuds range includes the Inspire (in-ear) and Focus (behind the ear) designs, available in 300 and 400 models.

The 300 range offers a simple inline microphone and track/music control, while the 400s also provide volume control and iDevice voice support.

Yurbuds Insprie 400

The Inspire 400 buds play nicely with voice controls on your Apple devices

Both the Inspire 300 and Focus 300 will set you back £34.99 (around $60, AU$62), and the 400 series in both designs are slightly more at £39.99 (around $65, AU$70).

Are yur buds wireless?

If you're not of fan of all these wires then Yurbuds also come in wireless variants, complete with amplified JBL sound, a six-hour battery life, in-line controls and in-ear and behind the ear designs.

Yurbuds Leap Wireless

Go wireless with the Yurbuds Leap

The in-ear Yurbuds Leap Wireless and behind-the-ear Yurbuds Liberty Wireless will cost you £79.99 (around $130, AU$140).

You can expect to see all Yurbuds models in stores from October.

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