Sega Toys' portable personal trainer

Would you wear this on a jog round the park?

Sega Toys unveiled a set of personal trainer earphones in Japan this week. The ‘Body Trainer’ is surely the perfect tool for keep-fit fanatics who don’t like the drudgery of the daily visit to the gym.

So while we await the release of Nintendo’s Wii Fit in April, we can also make a promise to ourselves to order a pair of Sega Toy’s personal trainer ‘phones on import – to ensure that we have no further excuses for being flabby and out of shape.

'Medical entertainment'

Sega Toys’ headset will give you instant advice by checking your pulse via your earlobe. The company’s president Isao Kokubun said the product was part of the new (slightly disturbing sounding) field of "medical entertainment".

"We have been pushing for entertainment that adults can also enjoy," Kokubun told AFP news. "There is a great potential for products that make you healthy while having fun.

"Middle-aged and senior people tend to falsely believe the harder you exercise the more effective the workout is. However, doing it very hard can lead to accidents, while doing it too slowly won't be effective," said the device’s designer Yoshikazu Itami.

Connects up to your iPod

Body Trainer has three modes - walking, jogging and aerobics - and gives you gentle advice and tips depending on your age and heart-rate, such as "let's start warming up" or "please exercise a little bit harder".

The device can be connected to a music player such as the Apple iPod and will originally cost 5,775 yen (around £27). It should be noted that Sega Toys and Sega Games are separate, unrelated companies.

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