Orbitsound launches updated T12v3 soundbar

Orbitsound launches updated T12v3 soundbar
Orbitsound - out of this world

Orbitsound has unveiled its latest soundbar, the Orbitsound T12v3, which promises better sound clarity and improved bass from its soundbar and subwoofer setup.

It may not look massively different to its T12 predecessors, but the kit is decked out with a metal speaker grill for better sound dispersion and includes an improved subwoofer for better bass reproduction.

The soundbar also comes with Orbitsound's patented 'spatial stereo' technology that uses a mixture of analogue and digital processing to give you true stereo sound from the single unit.

Stereo Mike

This means no more stereo "sweet spot" because the sound is beamed all around the room – and all from a dinky little soundbar and easy to hide subwoofer.

Ted Fletcher, founder of Orbitsound, said: "In essence, Orbitsound is reinventing the wheel. The sense of depth and space experienced with our technology is simply not possible to achieve when listening to a traditional 'left' and 'right' speaker system.

"The result is that the 'spatial sound' is more pure, truer; it is essentially how sound deserves to be heard. If the 'perfect' sound really does exist, then we're coming even closer to replicating it."

Certified for use as an iPod and iPhone dock, the T12v3 also has a 3.5mm stereo jack and will be hitting the shop shelves in September, with a UK price tag of £299.

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