Teufel launches Columa range, THX Ultra 2 soon

Teufel has unveiled a host of new speakers and also confirmed that it is working on what it suggests are the smallest THX Ultra 2 speakers around.

The German direct sale company – who are pushing hard for a place in the UK market showed TechRadar their new Columa range; the £1,074 Columa 700 5.1 speaker package, the 700 R (£1,209) with an integrated amplifier and the high end Columa 900.

The Columa 900 'comprises…four column speakers with a depth of just 8.3cm and a D'Apollito array of tweeter and mid-range drivers which is also mirrored in the centre speaker, offering a homogeneous sound that can only be achieved through identical drivers.'

Soundbar and THX

Interestingly, Teufel also told Home Cinema Choice that it was working on both a soundbar and more THX certified products.

"The Cineba 50 soundbar is a two channel design, with a separate subwoofer featuring a 10in driver and integrated 150w amp, and Dolby Digital and DTS 5.1 decoding," confirmed Teufel's Florian Szigat.

THX products – which are certified by George Lucas' sound company – have always sold well for Teufel, so it is no surprise that they are working on new speakers, but Teufel's Managing Engineer Christoph Winklmeier admitted that they are hoping for a landmark product.

"We think this will be the smallest Ultra 2 THX system," he told TechRadar. "Certainly the subwoofer will be the smallest but we haven't compared the other speakers yet."

More details on the speakers can be found on the Home Cinema Choice blog

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