Sonos announces Spotify partnership

Spotify for Sonos
Spotify for Sonos

Sonos has announced a partnership with Spotify, which will bring the popular music streaming service to all of its devices.

Sonos has acquired a reputation for quality with its streaming solutions, and it is hoping that the arrival of Spotify to its service will provide a major boost when it arrives at the end of September.

SonosZone kit owners will be able to download the free app for iPhone and iPad that will allow them to control their devices and stream Spotify (but only with a Spotify Premium account), or most other music sources, around their house.

Most requested

"Spotify compatibility was the most requested feature we have ever had," UK regional director Mike Edwards told TechRadar.

The move is a first for Spotify – whose mobile and PC offerings have proven hugely popular in the UK market and across Europe.

"It's great that people will be able to listen to Spotify whenever they want, wherever they want in their home," said Daniel Ek, Founder and CEO Spotify.

"We're excited to partner with Sonos to deliver the unique Spotify experience in the home, with the same quality and ease of use that our users already love."

Sonos and spotify controlled by iphone

Away from PC

"This is the first time that Spotify has moved away from the PC," added Sonos' PR Manager for Europe Fiede Schillmoeller.

The Sonos app for iPad and iPhone was teased earlier in the summer, but the company chose to delay launch – primarily to make sure that the app was as good as it could possibly be, but also partly due to the Spotify agreement.

The app will be free from iTunes and compatible with all Sonos kit, with Schillmoeller believing that the iPad is a "Great social controller" and the iPhone a great personal remote control.

"Our mission at Sonos is to play all the music on the planet, all over the house, concluded John MacFarlane, Founder and CEO Sonos, Inc.

"By partnering with a leading music streaming service like Spotify, we can now offer more of our customers the ultimate jukebox experience at home."

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