Despite what you've heard, Deezer does have a free tier in the US


Deezer has clarified that it does offer an ad-supported free service in the US, for those who don't wish to pay for the premium tier.

Deezer only recently hit the US, but at the time it was widely reported that it wouldn't be offering its free tier in the States.

However Deezer has clarified to TechRadar that after the 30-day trial ends, customers will have the option to continue using the service as a free user, or carry on as a Premium+ subscriber for $9.99 a month.

A spokesperson said: "All US users will need to initially sign up for the Premium 30 day free trial then if after the 30-day trial they wish not to continue with the paid version of the service, they will then have the option of converting to a free, ad-supported version of the site."


So you won't be able to jump right into the free tier right away - you'll have to do it at the end of the trial, which requires your card details.

The free tier is supported by ads and gives you unlimited music on computer and tablet, but only Flow and mix playlists on mobile.

You also can't download music, and the sound quality is capped at 128 kbit/s (Premium+ gets 320 kbit/s).

There's also a third option, Elite, which is only relevant if you own a Sonos system and offers higher quality sound for a higher premium.

Hugh Langley

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