Asus reportedly working on a premium but compact phone called Zenfone Mini

Zonfone 7 pro
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Asus smartphones were often different from the common run of the mill designs available in the market under various brands. With the Zenfone 6 and 7 series, the company took the full advantage of the powerful rear cameras and with the ROG series it is comfortably leading the gaming smartphone lineup.

However, apart from these devices, the Taiwanese company has lacked variety and its phones were not introduced to a wider market. Though it is set to change this year. The company is reportedly looking to introduce a smaller but premium variant – Zenfone Mini and it is expected that this phone will become a mainstay for the brand this year.

While one can say that the company is following what Apple did with iPhone 12 Mini, however, since Apple has already done this, you can expect a lot of other brands to follow the pattern of introducing smaller yet powerful flagship devices.

According to a report by Digitimes, Asus wants to use the year 2021 to make a turnaround in the smartphone business. The report (via Notebookcheck) states that whilst there was a demand for Asus’s phones, disrupted supply chain and scarcity of components meant that the company wasn’t able to fulfil the demand.

However, with the business gaining normalcy, the company is looking to go big this year. The report also talks about the idea of Zenfone Mini without revealing much about the specifications in detail. Though one can expect the phone to come with a display much smaller than the current standard size of 6.7 to 6.8 – inches.

Interestingly, with the smartphone sizes slowly inching towards 7-inches, people have been very vocal about phones with a smaller form factor and Android phones like the Pixel 4A and Pixel 5 came in as a pleasant surprise. That said, these phones have not sold in numbers. Even Apple is struggling with the sales numbers of the iPhone 12 Mini.

Aside, the company is also getting ready with the launch of Rog Phone 5 in the month of April and Digitimes hints that the Zenfone Mini may also launch alongside. Equipped with the Snapdragon 888 chipset and a new interactive rear panel design, the Rog Phone 5 could carry a higher price tag than its predecessor.

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