Arcserve and StorageCraft announce plans to merge

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Two of the biggest cloud storage and data protection companies have announced their decision to merge.

Once together, data and ransomware protection provider, Arcserve, and data management and recovery experts StorageCraft, will be able to combine and offer a wide and comprehensive portfolio of data storage, management, and disaster recovery solutions.

“This merger will place us at the forefront of filling a massive market gap by supporting all workloads in every environment with one ecosystem,” says Arcserve’s CEO Tom Signorello.

Complementary companies

Signorello will take charge of the merged companies as the two will come together under the Arcserve brand following the merger. 

According to the release, the two companies operate in similar and complementary sectors, and the merger will allow them to tap into a larger pool of customers. Signorello believes the combined entity will be better placed than their competition to cater to the current and future business needs of their combined client base.

Speaking to CRN, Signorello illustrated the complimentary operation of the two companies by pointing out that while Arcserve is strong in the Japan, Asia Pacific, and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) markets, StorageCraft has a very strong focus on North America.

Industry experts believe that the combined portfolio will allow the new companies to cater to businesses of all sizes. 

“As a unified entity, it means that, for the first time, organizations have access to solutions that span from the enterprise to the smallest office – all from a single source,” believes Jerome Wendt, President & Founder, Data Center Intelligence Group (DCIG).

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